Over Jörg Lauster

Jörg Lauster is een liberale theoloog en hoogleraar in de Systematische Theologie aan de universiteit van München. Hij betoogt dat een ervaring van transcendentie licht werpt op het bestaan en dat religie in staat stelt om bij te dragen aan de duiding van het leven. De titel van de lezing die hij op 25 maart in de Geertekerk Utrecht uitspreekt is ‘The Idea of a Religion. Prospects of a Liberal Christianity Today.’

De voertaal van de lezing is Engels.
Over de lezing zegt Jörg Lauster: 

The Idea of a Religion
Prospects of a Liberal Christianity Today
Liberal theology does not so much refer to a specific theological school, but rather to an attitude within Christianity. Its basis is formed by the central insight: Whatever human beings revere as the secret of life and try to implement in their existence, the secret always remains greater than all the understanding they can get about it.
This insight implies freedom. Firstly, it means freedom from one’s own tradition. For in order to do justice to the secret, Christianity’s forms of expression have to change in the course of history. The traditional terms like grace and forgiveness of sins still have impact on people’s lives today, but they do so under different forms and in different words. Secondly, it means the freedom to live one’s own way of life. For the intuition of divine presence in the world sets humans free for the knowledge that their own lives and their communion are carried by a deeper meaning, for which and towards which it is worth living.